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(b. Jaen, Spain, 1969)



Santiago Ydáñez was born in Puente de Genave, Jaen, Spain, 1969. Ydañez’s work awakens an interest that crosses borders. Between expressionism and romanticism, the forceful execution of his works and his dynamic brushstrokes compose a work full of meaning and spontaneity. He connects disparate concepts going beyond hid characteristic and personal technique. He takes references from the history of art, paints landscapes, saints and animals. His work has received important distinctions and is currently one of the greatest Spanish painters of his generation.


He has exhibited in different venues around the world such as in Lyle O. Reitzel (Santo Domingo), LA NEW GALLERY (Madrid), Dillon + Lee (New York), among many others. He was recently named the winner of the prestigious 33rd Edition of the BMW Prize for Painting. Ydáñez received his degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada.

Ydáñez lives and works in Berlin and Madrid.


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Artist's Website

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Selected recent shows

2020 - LAS CARICIAS DEL COLOSO, Galería Javier López                    y Fer Francés, Madrid
2019 - ELECTROVIRAL, Galería Juan Silió, Santander,                              España
             - LIFE IN THE WOODS, Whitebox Art Center, Pekín
             - YO QUE SE, Club social Bonache, Jaén, España
             - DEUS EX MACHINA, Antigua iglesia de la compañía                  de Jesús, Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia.
2017 - PAINTING AS ARCHEOLOGY, Whitebox Art                                  Center, Pekin
             - EL CORAZÓN MANDA, CAC Málaga, Málaga,                              España
             - PARAÍSO PERDIDO, GE Galería, México
             - CROSSINGS, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art,                      Viena

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