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Shay Kun

Tel Aviv, ISR, 1974

Lives and works in New York City

Shay Kun was born in Israel in 1974. Kun is well-known for his hyper-surrealist style. As an artist who is firmly averse to painting from the real-world, Kun's central focus is to contrast the decay of the artificial with that of the natural to create an organic digital removal from the original image. The images that attract and inspire the artist have been deconstructed and reproduced thoroughly. When struck by an image that overwhelms Kun, it prompts him to explore and dissect it, with his interest in the mechanism of perception as opposed to the actual subject. 


Kun has exhibited in Hezi Cohen Gallery (Tel Aviv), Bill Lowe Galler (Atlanta), La Montagne Gallery (Boston), and Merritt Gallery (Baltimore) among many others. Kun received his undergraduate training at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and earned his MFA from Goldsmiths College in London.


2015 Sum of Its Parts, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv, ISR
2015 Corners of our Mind, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA


2018 Out of Our Closet, La Montagne Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
2017 Autumnal Epoch, Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA

2016 Human Condition, John Wolf Art Advisory & Brokerage, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2016 Collected Memories, Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA

2016 Abstract in Blue, Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA

2016 Artworks with no pricing, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA

2014 From the Land of Everywhere, VICTORI+MO CONTEMPORARY, New York City, NY, USA

2014 BLACK / WHITE, Museum Abtei Liesborn, Wadersloh-Liesborn, DEU

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