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(b. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, 1978)



Ubay Murillo was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain in 1978. Murillo primarily works with collage and painting to highlight how capitalism serves as a catalyst to urban decay around us. 


He has had solo exhibitions at numerous venues around the world, including in the Canary Islands, at the Artizar gallery and in the S.A.C. (Sala de Arte Contemporáneo del Gobierno de Canarias); as well as in Madrid, Milan, Barcelona, Bologna, Mexico, and at the GE Galería in Monterrey. He has also participated in group exhibitions in Europe and South America, at the Ulf Saupe gallery in Berlin, at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid (which was selected for the Injuve prize and traveled to Argentina), and at the Canary Islands Art Architecture Biennial in the exhibition Distorsiones, documentos, naderías y relatos (Distortions, documents, trifles and stories). He received his degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad de La Laguna.


Murillo lives and works in Berlin and Tenerife.


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Ubay Murillo: Alles auf Gold | die Dame | die Erosion

Galería Rafael Ortiz, Seville, Spain

12 March - 27 April 2019

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