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Founded in 2006, Galería Estéreo (previously GE Galería) prides itself in exhibiting a diverse array of provocative and gratifying art along with their dedication to the gallery artists. Hand in hand with over a decade of internationally acclaimed programming, Galería Estéreo believes that great art is best engendered through a celebration of the artist’s creativity and talent.


The gallery represents artists from Europe, Latin America and North America. Estéreo selects artists with distinctive perspectives and diversified techniques in order to offer entry points through which we are invited to explore contemporary issues alongside of human essences. 

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Art—especially today’s—is a system that constantly experiences expository instrumentations in order to escape the construction of any claustrophobic archetype; that is, it always tries to construct for itself a mode of renovation and regeneration as a system, which stems from its capacity for self-destruction and reconstruction as a system of languages, which turns to itself once and again, cyclically, like a spiral in perennial anthropophagic movement.

Omar-Pascual Castillo

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