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(b. Torrelavega, Spain, 1965)



Born in Torrelavega, Spain in 1965, Antonio Mesones received his BFA from the University of Pais Vasco in Bilbao, Spain. Following his BFA, Mesones earned a series of scholarships that permitted him to travel, study, and work in Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Berlin. In his works, Mesones masterfully reflects his distinctive colorist universe that, over time, has been dispensing with formal elements of the plastic language, such as narrative or meaning, turning into an introspective and cathartic painting organized in layers that cover the previously expressed in succession; leaving only small gaps of meaning tat express an extreme delicacy, both in form and through the colors chosen, that express the inner feelings of the painter. His working method is restful and deliberate. Light, color, gesture, the relationship between background and shape, the depth and the space also need their time to express themselves. Their attitude show waiting, for every step has its moment, its importance, its intensity; and it is there where the color, light andshape slowly create a link between the painter and the painting, giving birth to a new work​.


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