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(b. Ceuta, Spain, 1974)



Jesús Zurita was born in Ceuta, Spain in 1974. His early interests focused exclusively on the drawing styles of the comic and graphic novel genres which fascinated him as a child and instilled in him a love for drawing and the use of narrative in his work. During his time at the Bellas Artes Universidad, Jesús was exposed to many new techniques and styles, especially painting, which would have a profound effect on his compositions going forward. Zurita draws influence from European old master draughtsmanship and the deeply emotional uses of color from the post-modern and contemporary American masters in his work; framing these powerful modes of exposition with his own focus on the creation (and destruction) of narrative structure within the picture plane.


Jesús Zurita has had several solo exhibitions around the world including GE Galería (Monterrey), Galería Herrero de Tejada (Madrid), Galería Blanca Soto (Madrid), Alcala De Henares (Madrid), and Centro José Guerrero (Granada), among many others. His work is held in collections like the Colección Caja Madrid, Colección Grupo Lozano, Colección Testimoni La Caixa, and Colección Caja de Ávila. He completed his fine arts studies at the University of Granada in Spain.

Zurita lives and works in Granada.


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An Investiture of the Hollow

Las Cuentas del Juez Holden

Galería Estéreo, Mexico City

5 February - 10 March 2019

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