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(b. Barcelona, Spain, 1961)



Lluís Lleó was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1961. Lleó moves with identical ease between painting and sculpture, making his work especially difficult to categorize into one box. His recent works are neither sculptural paintings nor painted sculptures: they are works that lie midway between abstraction and figuration, having the particular characteristic the combination of painting with elements in relief that provide the work an architectural matrix. Architectural references, that since the beginning of the 1990s, Lleó has used in his work, focusing on the mysterious and evocative power of geometry and the rhythms and pacing that it can define. The result is a body of work that seeks concurrence between elements that appear opposite, lyricism and power, order and chaos, presence and transparency.


Lluís Lleó has shown around the world including in Instituto Cervantes (Paris), Galería Marc Domenech (Barcelona), GE Galería (Monterrey), M+V Art (Miami), and The Elkon Gallery (New York). His work is housed in collections such as Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, The Morgan Library, the Peréz Art Museum in Miami, The Art Museum of Princeton University, and the Collecció Banc de Sabadell.


Lleo lives and works in New York City.


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Selected recent shows

2020 - "All shadows belong to light", Mclaughlin Galerie, Berlin

2019 - "Senso", Fondation Opale, Bienal Sur, Crans Montana

2018 - "Morpho's Nest in a Cadmium House", 6 Carved and Painted                             Sandstone Blooks, Palau de Pedralbes Barcelona.
             - "Morpho,s Nest", Fundació Xavier Corbero, Esplugues de                                      Llobregat
             - "One Nest", Domino,s Sugar Factory, Williamsburg, NY
             - "Lugares Inmacumados", Galeria Estéreo, CDMX
             - "New Works", The Elkon Gallery, New York

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