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Plata Quemada | Zona Maco 2019

Plata Quemada is a curatorial project that makes a playful nod to three references. The first of them is that of the legendary tradition of Mexican silversmithing, silversmithing that functioned as the base for the Latin American Baroque movement. This—the Baroque and NeoBaroque movements—compose the second reference, and the third is the use some current artists employ of the silver as a chromatic resource that connects all the references because they make a NeoBaroque use of the silver not to enunciate a post-industrial technology, but the opposite…to the silver azogues of the mirror, or the jewelry and silverware of the pure silver, alpaca and galvanized silver.

The layout of the art will take the shape of a battleship, wherein the work of Texan-Mexican Ray Smith will cover the external walls like a refractory mirror made out of assembled mosaic, which he presented last year at La Tallera de Cuernavaca, alongside Canadian artist James Verbicky who will exhibit a diptych of his usual collage about media saturation. In the interior, Marina Vargas will show her Piedad Invertida Negra, 2012-2014, accompanied by a set of drawings from the Líneas del Destino series dedicated to tarot cards and their mythology or symbolism, previously exhibited at the ABC Museum in Madrid (2016), and two paintings of the new production series, Emblemas de Fuerza (ExVotos), accompanied by Cuban Ariel Cabrera who will debut Apotheosis, 2018-2019, in which the artist recreates a vision after a devastating sexual battle. Raised on a continuous (black) base, the sculptural pieces of stone or polished aluminum and stainless steel from the Brazilian Saint Clair Cemin will focus the viewer’s gaze on their flashes, which will converse with the pictorial miniature objects (of boxes of European cutlery of the early twentieth century) by the Andalusian Santiago Ydáñez and, as a guest, Jesús Zurita (artist who will simultaneously exhibit Las Cuentas de Juez Holden at Estéreo Galería CDMX) will create a small mural of white and silver drawings on black directly on the wall.

February 6-10

Centro Citibanamex

booth C215

estéreo CDMX | Córdoba 150 | Roma Norte

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