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(b. Granada, Spain, 1980)



Born in 1980 in Granada, Spain, Marina Vargas earned her BFA and MFA in Visual Language from the University of Granada and is currently a member of la Logía "Las Roldanas," which works to address the revaluation of labor of women artists in Spain and Latin America. Vargas works with an array of media to create an astounding oeuvre that bewitches audiences worldwide. From painting to video art, drawing to sculpture, photography to installation art, Vargas’ work begs spectators to interrogate origin stories, the sacred, and the secular. She proclaims: “I try to walk the tightrope, bringing what’s in the sky down to earth and lifting what’s on the earth up to the sky. That’s the motor that leads me to do what I do: mediate between those two planes knowing that I possess no certainty, and working on the questions I find on the way”.


Her latest work for Galería Estéreo was exhibited in the 2019 iteration of Zona Maco in Mexico City where Vargas showcased a series of works in her own project room curated by Omar-Pascual Castillo. A series of three tapestries made out of recycled plastic by a group of women in the south of Morocco on which Vargas intervened using fiber glass and enamel paint. Situated in the heart of the project room, Vargas’ black La Piedad Invertida o La Madre Muerta became a hit among the project room’s audience. Paying homage to women, Vargas’ sculptural masterpiece depicts a seated Christ holding his mother’s lifeless body in his arms. Finally, the project room exhibited six of her eight drawings from her series Tirada I, in which she recreated esoteric tarot cards.

Vargas lives and works in Barcelona.


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Chapa y Pintura

Cerquone Projects, Madrid, Spain

21 January - 7 March 2019

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 2.40.24 PM.png


Universidad de Málaga, Málaga, Spain

14 March - 25 May 2019

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