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Ubay Murillo opens an exhibition at "tank 69" a former oil depot on Canary Islands

Tank 69

The tank 69 is a former oil depot, which served for many years to refine crude. Once lost the initial function has become a relic of the industrial heritage of the capital of the island of Tenerife and symbolic element of the current urban iconography.

This tank, which survived the last demolition of this deposit rate to make way for city growth southwards and towards the sea, is now an unusual container and unique container of culture.

Thus, the Espacio Cultural El Tanque has become a cultural facility with its own personality and uniqueness, exceeding the boundaries of the Canary Islands.

Thus, today, it is recognized as an example of contemporary architectural conversion. It is difficult to find cultural facilities in the international scene with the spatial qualities, sound and sense, and with the versatility and stage light that define it.

One of its most important characteristics is the extraordinary capacity for creative inspiration. Moreover the effect it has on artists in the Tank viewer does not feel corseted and can move as he wants, with absolute freedom, becoming part of expository discourse.


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